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炉下无线遥控清渣车 1

Wireless remote control slag cleaning truck under the furnace

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Wireless remote control slag cleaning truck under the furnace
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The slag cleaning equipment used under the converter platform adopts imported Case CX36B small and medium-sized excavators, which are used for slag treatment on both sides of the tunnel, which can realize remote control operation, and the operator can remotely control the operation of the slag pusher; the proportional output makes the remote control Control simulates manual operation. In addition, the blade can realize the functions of left swing, right swing, top swing, bottom swing, left tilt, right tilt and so on through remote control. At the same time, it has a certain protection ability, which can effectively improve the efficiency of steelmaking; and overcome a series of constraints such as serious dust pollution, high temperature, and high labor intensity of operators, and effectively prevent the accidental slag leakage of the converter from causing slag cleaning personnel. Disability accident.


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