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Dual power remote control bag unpacking machine

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Dual power remote control bag unpacking machine
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1. Setting place: ladle

2. Equipment overview: CBJ200HG wireless crawler demolition machine is used for the demolition of refractory materials in metallurgical enterprises and the role of steel slag cleaning. Or the double-tooth hook extension arm can quickly remove the bag mouth and the slag in the mouth at a high radiation temperature of 1200 ℃ to ensure the process requirements after capping.

3. Main technical parameters:

Total weight: 21000kg

Dimensions: Length 7300mm

Width 2700mm

3770mm high

Bottom height of rotary platform: 1250mm

Power: Engine 129KW/2200r.p.m

Walking speed: 0~4KW/h

Hydraulic system pressure: Maximum working pressure 32Mpa

Hydraulic control 3-4Mpa

Maximum working radius: 10200mm

Maximum working height: (including auxiliary arm, hydraulic hammer) 11150mm

The height of the horizontal axis of the working arm: 2990mm

Working arm telescopic stroke: 3000mm

Telescopic speed of working arm: 250mm/sec

Working arm rotation angle: ±360°


4. Achievements: Ogilvy, Meigang, Baosteel,

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