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Nanjing Eaton Parker Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Nanjing Eaton, established in 2004, is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in metallurgy, mining equipment R&D and manufacturing, metallurgical engineering technology consulting and services.

It has successively cooperated with Baowu Group, Liugang Group, Zhongtian Iron and Steel Group, Fuxin Iron and Steel, Lu'an Iron and Steel, Nangang Group, Shagang Group, Handan Iron and Steel, Qinggang, Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel, Taiwan Sinosteel, India TATA, Japan Diamond and other large metallurgical companies to carry out in-depth cooperation.

Fully apply intelligent new technologies such as remote control, fault diagnosis system, AI technology, and visual 3D reconstruction to combine with various products of our company and put them into practical application.

In 2021, in line with market development, the company will increase the integration of various new technologies and technologies, and successively develop new products such as mold robot automatic mold slag adding device, tundish covering agent system, ladle, and converter thermal imaging system.

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Seize the opportunity, forge ahead, technological innovation, keep pace with the times.


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Establishing a modern enterprise system, aiming at international advanced product technology, the company has become a research and production base for special equipment for mining and metallurgy.

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Address: No. 5, Jinhua Road, Guli Industrial Park, Jiangning District, Nanjing

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