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Filling slag cleaning machine

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Filling slag cleaning machine
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1. Setting place: torpedo tank

2. Equipment overview: QGJ-10BG tank cleaner is an electromechanical-hydraulic integrated equipment used in steelmaking plants to remove slag from 320T torpedo tanks under heat. It uses 380V AC power as the power to drive the hydraulic pump to provide pressure oil to each actuator (hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor, etc.) to realize the walking of the cleaning machine, platform rotation, telescopic boom pitching and telescoping, telescopic boom rotation, and pneumatic hammer swing. and other movements, the external compressed air makes the air hammer impact so as to remove the slag at the filling mouth.

3. Equipment features: The tank mouth slag cleaner is top-mounted directly above the torpedo tank, with a fixed base, and consists of four parts: mechanical equipment, hydraulic system, electrical system and gas system. Combined with the use of an air breaker, the torpedo tank mouth can be cleaned at a fixed point, which is efficient and environmentally friendly!

4. Main technical parameters:

Weight of the whole machine: 10000kg

Dimensions: (L×W×H) 6611×2100×2478mm

Horizontal working stroke: (center to far point) 7178mm

Vertical working stroke: (platform surface to the deepest) 5074mm

Telescopic boom pitch angle: -90° +8°

Telescopic boom telescopic stroke: 2500mm

Telescopic boom rotation angle: ±170°

Rotation angle of the upper platform: ±170°

Pneumatic hammer swing angle: -90°+ 30°

AC power: 380V 50HZ 30KW 1450r.p.m

Hydraulic system: 120L/min 250bar

Air Hammer: Model: NHP3500

Weight: 300kg

Working pressure: 0.63Mpa

Impact energy: 700J

Shock frequency: 10HZ

Air consumption: 8M³/min

5. Achievements: Baosteel, Baosteel No. 2 Steelmaking Plant, Baosteel Zhanjiang


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