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mobile hopper

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Category:Terminal special equipment
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mobile hopper
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1. Setting place: pier

2. Equipment overview: The raw material pier is a high-pile beam-slab structure, and the berth is composed of front and rear pile platforms. The front pile platform mainly bears the loads of ships, gantry cranes, trains, hoisting and transporting machinery and cargo stacking; the rear pile platform It mainly plays the role of connecting with the bank slope and bears vertical loads. Two movable hoppers are placed in parallel on the rear pile platform of the wharf and are arranged staggered. A movable hopper cooperates with a gantry machine for unloading and loading operations, and the process is smooth and efficient.

3. Equipment features: The longitudinal spacing of the foundation piles on the rear pile platform is 5m, the beams are arranged horizontally, and the 4 load-bearing pillars of the movable hopper are placed on the 2 beams of the pile platform, and the stress structure is reasonable. In order to facilitate the quick positioning of the movable hopper, it is recommended to make a marking line on the beam plate of the rear pile platform.

4. Achievement: Meigang

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