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Ladle breathable brick replacement manipulator

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Ladle breathable brick replacement manipulator
Product description

1. Setting place: ladle

2. Equipment overview: The hot-replacement manipulator for air-filled bricks is installed on one side of the ladle tipping device to complete the hot exterior of the ladle air-permeable bricks, complete the replacement of the ladle sliding nozzle frame and other maintenance hoisting operations. The structure of the manipulator is mainly based on It is composed of seat, column assembly, boom, boom, tie rod, working head, hydraulic motor, rotary reducer, lifting cylinder, horizontal cylinder, thrust cylinder, hydraulic power system, etc.

3. Main technical parameters:

Total weight: 8000kg

Dimensions: Length 2870mm (when the arm is retracted) 3495mm

Width 1300mm

Height 6300mm 7032mm

Power: 380V 50Hz 15.5KW

Rated lifting weight: ≤1200kg

Maximum rotation radius: 4590mm4899

Minimum Rotation Radius: 1590mm2099

Up and down stroke: 2500mm2711

Forward and backward stroke: 3000mm2809

Thrust cylinder stroke: 800mm

Tightening force of thrust cylinder: 300kgf (3kN)

Hydraulic system working medium: fatty acid grease

Hydraulic lubricated steel pipe material: stainless steel

Robot rotation speed: 1-1.5r/min

Rotation angle: 300o

4. Achievements: Baosteel Zhanjiang, Wuxi Juli, Baosteel,


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