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1. Setting place: torpedo tank
Equipment overview: The feeding machine has the ability to feed the torpedo tank under the condition of about 1400 ℃ in the semi-closed workshop, dusty and high temperature environment (about 45 ℃). The equipment is equipped with a fully enclosed hydraulic grab bucket and clamping device with a load of 1 ton, which can complete the operation of adding scrap steel and capping the tank mouth within 10 minutes. The equipment is scientifically designed, ergonomic, and has a good operating line of sight. It has two systems for on-board cab operation and remote video operation from the panel operating room. The alignment is fast and accurate, the control is precise, safe and reliable, and it can meet the requirements of torpedo tanks. Add light waste to the high-risk operation requirements.
2. Equipment features: The equipment is fully hydraulically driven by electric crawler, and the forearm is retractable and the working radius varies widely. It adopts remote control operation and is equipped with a panoramic wide-angle camera, which can be operated remotely.


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