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Cold disintegrator

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Cold disintegrator
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1. Setting place: torpedo tank

2. Equipment overview: JTJ210 crawler type full hydraulic dismantling machine is used for dismantling the inner lining and tank mouth slag of the mixed iron car. The hammer can quickly carry out the dismantling operation at normal temperature in the operation of the mixed iron car.

3. Equipment features: The cold disintegrating machine can use two power sources, electric and diesel power. It is fully hydraulically driven. The hydraulic source is controlled by double pumps, which can realize power matching! The disadvantage is that it can be rotated as well as retractable. It has the characteristics of fast speed, high efficiency and flexible operation.

4. Main technical parameters:

Total weight: 24000kg

Dimensions: Length (the shortest telescopic arm) 8460mm

Width 3290mm

Height 3136mm

Power: Electric 75KW/1470r.p.m

Walking speed: 0~2KM/h

Hydraulic system pressure: walking 27Mpa

Working 20Mpa

Hydraulic control part 3Mpa

The height of the horizontal axis of the telescopic arm from the ground: 2300mm

Telescopic boom telescopic stroke: 3500mm

Telescopic boom rotation angle: 360°

Telescopic boom rotation speed: 8.6r.p.m

Swing angle of telescopic arm: 25° up 25° and down 25°

Swing angle range of air hammer bracket: 115°

4. Achievements: Baosteel Luojing Steel Plant, Baosteel Zhanjiang


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