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Crawler Type Furnace Demolition Machine
Dual-power Full Hydraulic Crawler Furnace Dismantler

Demolition machine

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Category:Demolition machine
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Demolition machine
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Product description: The converter demolition machine is powered by a diesel engine or an electric motor to drive the main oil pump to provide pressure oil to each actuator for I work, and is equipped with hydraulic hammers, reaming bits, etc. Remove the converter lining, clean the furnace mouth and furnace cap steel slag; the special drilling tool can be easily and quickly replaced, and the tap hole can be quickly drilled and expanded at a high temperature of 1200 ℃ in the converter tap hole.

型号 YDCLJ-180 YDCLJ-220 YDCLJ-250 YDCLJ-300 YDCLJ-340 YDCLJ-400
Engine Power 154KW 129KW 154KW 154KW 176KW 176KW
Dual Power (Optional) 75KW 75KW 90KW 90KW 132KW 132KW
Control Method Pilot (optional wireless remote control)
Maximum Working Radius 9m 12m 13m 14m 16m 16m
Machine Quality 18t 22t 25t 30t 34.2t 39t
Dimensions (single power) length x width x height mm 6320x2750x3050 7364x2940x3380 7863x2940x3400 9937x3245x3440 10620x3300x3500 10900x3550x3912

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