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Electric furnace gunning machine

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Category:Electric furnace gunning machine
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Electric furnace gunning machine
Product description

1. Setting place: converter, electric furnace, ladle

2. Equipment overview: This equipment is designed for the thermal spray repair of converter equipment. It is a fixed equipment. The machine only needs to provide the corresponding gas source and water source on site to carry out repair work. The operator holds the spray gun and places the spray gun frame. On the bracket, the spray gun can be completed by rotating the spray gun telescopic spray gun while aligning the repair position in the furnace or ladle with the converter.

3. Main performance parameters:

Weight of the whole machine: about 1.8 tons

Overall size: (L×W×H) 1740mm×1470mm×3250mm

Type: Lifting platform type, manual operation

Rated gunning amount: 120-40KG/min

Spray particle size: ≤15mm

Handheld spray gun length: 9m

Tank volume: 1-2M3

Tank pressure (maximum): 0.7MPa

Compressed air pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa

Compressed air consumption: about 4-8m3/min

External water supply: 20L/min 2-4bar


4. Achievements: Meigang, Zhanjiang, Laigang, Liugang, Vietnam Hegang, etc.


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