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2台双动力拆包机 作业

Dual Power Bale Unpacker

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Dual Power Bale Unpacker
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1. Setting place:

2. Equipment overview: CB300S dual-power bale unpacker is a device used in steelmaking plants to remove 200T-300T ladle linings. It uses diesel engines and electric motors as power to drive the main oil pump to provide pressure oil to each actuator for Work, external compressed air, equipped with air hammer, draw hook under the radiation temperature of 200 ℃ in the ladle or iron ladle, quickly remove the steel slag and refractory materials in the ladle. 

3. Main technical parameters:

Total weight: 25000kg

Dimensions: Length (the shortest working arm) 9023mm

Width 3430mm

Height 3825mm

Power: Engine 113KW/2100rpm

electric motor 75KW/1470rpm

Walking speed: Chai Dong 0~2.5KW/h

Electric 0~1.5KW/h

Hydraulic system pressure: walking 27Mpa

Work 20Mpa

Hydraulic Control 3Mpa

The height of the horizontal axis of the working arm: 2450mm

Working arm telescopic stroke: 3000mm

Telescopic speed of working arm: 250mm/sec

Working arm rotation angle: 360°

4. Achievements: Liugang, Meishan, Chongqing, Baosteel

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