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Ladle Gunning Machine
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Setting place: Ladle

Equipment overview: The ladle gunning machine is the ladle gunning operation equipment in the hot repair station. It is located on the workshop column of the ladle tipping platform. Ladle online hot gunning machine composed of operation, feeder, electronic control system and water and gas system.

The main technical parameters:

1. Weight: 3500kg
Cantilever length: 7930mm

Cantilever height: 3600mm

Rotation angle: 90°

Rotary motor power: 0.55KW

Rotation angle control: Proximity sensor

2. Automatic spray gun

Weight: 1200Kg

The lifting stroke of the spray gun: (internal spray automatic) 4150mm

Length of spray gun: 8300mm

The lifting speed of the spray gun: 0.5~5m/min

Rotation angle of spray gun: 360°

Rotation speed of spray gun: 2.3-10r.p.m

The power of the spray gun lifting motor: 1*1.1kw

The power of the rotary motor of the spray gun: 0.22kw

3. Pressure tank feeder

Weight: 2500kg

Gunning capacity: 1.5m³/min

The capacity of the gunning tank: about 0.65m³

Ordinary compressed air: 0.4~0.6Mpa 5m³/min


Achievements: Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel Plant


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