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Coal oxygen slag removal truck

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Category:Coal oxygen slag removal truck
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Coal oxygen slag removal truck
Product description

1. Setting place: ladle

2. Equipment overview: The wireless remote control crawler water-cooled coal oxygen gun truck is mainly used to complete the high temperature (1400 ℃) slag removal of the ladle permeable bricks on the ladle capping and ladle tipping platform, and complete the ladle capping and ladle tipping platform. The high temperature (1400℃) slag removal around the ladle sliding nozzle is a self-propelled traveling machine. It includes a walking chassis, a loading platform assembly, a slewing mechanism, a coal oxygen lance working arm assembly for hot slag cleaning, and a power hydraulic system.

3. Main technical parameters:

Total weight: 8 tons

Overall size: (L×W×H) 8860×1700×2850mm


Diesel power: 195BPG-56 32KW/2100rpm

Hydraulic system: constant power variable piston pump 27.5ml/r×2+2.7ml/r

walking pressure 25Mpa

Work pressure 12.5Mpa

Maximum flow: 58L/min+58L/min+5.6L/min

The height of the center of the spray gun: 1680mm

Working radius: >8.56

Walking speed: High speed 3KM/h Low speed 1.6KM/h


4. Achievement: Zhanjiang Iron and Steel


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