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Dual Power Excavator

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Category:Slag treatment
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Dual Power Excavator
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1. Setting place: slag disposal

2. Equipment overview: YD-300ZD diesel-electric dual-power crawler excavator is mainly used for excavation and crushing work in a fixed operating point and a workplace provided by alternating current. Such as the crushing operation of the slag processing operation point of the steel plant. When the diesel engine is powered, it can travel for a long distance, and the site transfer can also be used for excavation and crushing operations; when operating at a fixed point, it can be connected to AC power, and the motor power can be used for excavation and crushing operations. Its biggest feature: environmental protection, energy saving, good reliability.

3. The system adopts 5-inch color dot matrix LCD display (320*240), white backlight, wide temperature and wide viewing angle;

It can monitor the multi-channel switch value and analog value on the excavator at the same time, and display the corresponding results on the large-screen LCD; once an abnormality occurs, it can generate sound and light alarms in time, and display fault icons and text prompts; when alarming, press the cancel button. It can stop the sound alarm, but when there is a new fault, the sound alarm is automatically turned on; there is a system clock, and it can be adjusted; it has the function of engine and motor working hours, and can automatically record the total working time of the whole machine.

The hour meter settings can be accessed via a password. The password will automatically change according to the change of the hour meter, once every 10 hours, after the change, an SN code will be generated under the password input plate, and the current password can be calculated by computer software according to the SN code.

Equipment features: The excavator is driven by dual power: diesel engine and electric motor. This machine is equipped with an advanced electronic monitoring system, which allows you to know the performance of the whole machine well, and also makes your operation and maintenance more convenient.

4. Main technical parameters:

Total weight: 31000kg

Dimensions: length (transportation) 12000mm

width 3200mm

Height 3200mm

Bucket capacity: 1.4m³

Power: Isuzu engine 180KW/2000r.p.m

Motor 132KW/1480r.p.m 380V 50HZ

Walking speed: 5/3KM/h

Hydraulic system pressure: main pump (diesel engine) 2×140ml/r

Main pump (motor) 2×130ml/r

Walking 33Mpa

Rotation 27.5Mpa

Boom/stick/bucket 33Mpa

Maximum digging radius: 10170mm

Maximum digging radius on the ground: 9965mm

Maximum excavation depth: 6760mm

5. Achievements: Baozhi,


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