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VOD temperature measurement sampling

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Category:VOD refining
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VOD temperature measurement sampling
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1. Setting place: VOD temperature measurement

2. Equipment overview: YDCWQ type vacuum refining furnace automatic temperature measurement sampler is installed on the walking nitrogen car, which is used for online real-time automatic detection of VOD refining furnace. It has molten steel temperature measurement, stainless steel molten steel sampling, and the sampler has vertical molten steel sampling.

3. Equipment features: The equipment can automatically read the molten steel height from the VOD main PLC system, automatically calculate the temperature measurement and sampling position, and manually input supplementary values on the touch screen for compensation. The temperature measuring gun is equipped with an absolute value encoder, which can calculate the target position value more automatically, and the action of the temperature measuring sampling gun is automatically controlled by the PLC. Among them, the sampling time will be automatically compensated by the temperature value measured by the temperature measuring gun, and the sampling time will be automatically set at different temperatures to provide the success rate of sampling. The equipment can automatically control the temperature measurement and the travel position of the sampling gun according to the different working positions and different working modes of the nitrogen truck.

4. Achievement: Fuxin Special Steel Co., Ltd.


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