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Stationary RH gunning machine

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Category: 固定式RH喷补机
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Stationary RH gunning machine
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1. Setting place: below the standby position of the RH tank trolley

2. Equipment overview: After the RH dip pipe is used online for a period of time, the refractory material will be damaged due to the erosion and erosion of the molten steel. It needs to be repaired by gunning. The new RH dip pipe needs to be sprayed with refractory material inside and outside to protect the dip pipe. Therefore, special equipment is required to carry out gunning and maintenance operations on the dip pipe. Stationary gunning machines are used to carry out gunning maintenance operations when RH dip pipes are offline.

3. Equipment characteristics: The equipment is mainly composed of a dial, a material tank, a gas circuit system, a water circuit system, an automatic spray gun system, a manual spray gun system, an electrical control system and an auxiliary system.

4. Achievements: Qingdao Special Steel, Formosa Plastics Ha Tinh Steel Company

Formosa Plastics Group Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel Secondary Refining Project needs to design and manufacture one gunning trolley and two sets of fixed gunning machines.

The gunning trolley is shared by No.2RH and No.3RH. The trolley travels between the two sets of RH processing stations on the track of the FL+0.00m plane. A gunning machine is installed on the trolley, which can carry out the gunning work on the inner and outer surfaces of the dip pipe at the processing position. Two sets of fixed gunning machines are respectively arranged below the standby positions at both ends of the two sets of RH. All equipments are electromechanical products.


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