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Crawler RH Gunning Machine

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Category: 固定式RH喷补机
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Crawler RH Gunning Machine
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1. Setting place: RH online work station

2. Equipment overview: During the online production of the RH dip tube, slag will accumulate on the surface, and too much slag will affect the smelting process. Therefore, special equipment is required to clean the RH dip tube. The crawler type remote control RH slag cleaning machine is used for online slag removal on the inner and outer surfaces of the RH dip tube during the production gap.  

3. Equipment features: The crawler vehicle can adapt to the harsh working environment on site and is easy to move between various RH stations. The crawler-type remote-controlled RH slag cleaner is equipped with an air hammer, which can perform blowing operations under high temperature conditions to improve the slag removal efficiency. The slag cleaning machine is operated by a remote control, and the operator can carry out the slag cleaning operation in a position that is easy to observe and safe.  

4. Achievements: Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Chongqing Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.


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