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Automatic scraper (automatic return machine)

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Category:Terminal special equipment
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Automatic scraper (automatic return machine)
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1. Setting place: wharf

2. Equipment overview: The scraper cleaning machine is specially designed for belt transmission to drive the ring chain and scraper to work, and is used to remove the mineral powder accumulation that is difficult to remove manually under the belt tensioning device, so as to realize the mineral powder transmission. The synchronous recovery of blanking completely solves the problem of difficult cleaning in a small space. The use of scraper cleaning machine can not only save labor for cleaning, but also recover the blanking in the form of raw ore, which is convenient and safe.

Less manual intervention, convenient adjustment, low equipment failure rate, safe and reliable. For different cleaning lengths and widths, standardize the design of as many parts as possible, which is convenient for maintenance. Improve the anti-loosening ability of the chain tensioner and scraper assembly, use flame-retardant cables, use bridges as much as possible, stainless steel 1.5mm thick outdoor electric control box, IP65, the bottom plate of the recovery device requires easy replacement, and provide solutions when bidding, motor The dust cover is made of stainless steel and is an automatic protection device against de-chaining.

3. Equipment features: This machine is composed of nose, tail, rack, scraper components and circuit system.

4. Achievement: Baosteel Majishan Port


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