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Packing machine

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Packing machine
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1. Setting place: ladle

2. Equipment overview: CZJ250A hot ladle slag cleaning machine is used for ladle bottom, wall, ladle slag cleaning and top ventilation bricks in steelmaking plants under the condition of about 1000 ℃ of ladle, and it should also have 300t ladle Unpacking capability. The hot ladle slag cleaning machine realizes the free movement between the ladle ladle station (tipping table) and the ladle repairing slag station through the mechanical crawler, and quickly installs the hot slag cleaning arm and double coarse tooth hooks on the ladle tipping table for heating The bottom of the ladle, the slag removal of the ladle wall and the mouth of the ladle, and the top ventilation brick work, and the ladle lining removal operation is carried out in the ladle repair and masonry area after the replacement of the air hammer.

3. Main technical parameters:

Total weight: 25000kg

Dimensions: long (the shortest working arm) 8000mm

Width 3045mm


Power: Engine 113KW/2100r.p.m

Walking speed: 0~2.5km/h

The height of the horizontal axis of the working arm: 2350mm

The telescopic stroke of the working arm: 3000mm

The telescopic speed of the working arm: 2500mm/sec

Rotation angle of working arm: 360°

The maximum working distance: (the front end of the track to the front end of the tool) 9040mm

Rotation angle of platform: 360°

4. Achievements: WISCO,


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