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Nozzle drilling rig
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1. Setting place:


2. Equipment overview: Ladle nozzle bricks must be replaced after the service life. The ladle set life is 95 furnaces/bag, and the ladle nozzle brick life is 10 furnaces/piece. Converter production requires that the ladle must be used continuously at high temperature to reduce temperature loss, so The replacement needs to be carried out in a high temperature state. The replacement of the original ladle nozzle brick needs to be dismantled by the operator with a hand pick. The ambient temperature (1100°C) of the replacement ladle nozzle brick is labor-intensive, and the strength of the refractory material is greater after use. The pneumatic impact drilling rig is installed on the double-layer guide rail and rail wheel platform, and the operation is performed hydraulically and pneumatically. It is installed on the maintenance platform, and the operator only needs to operate the handle to easily knock down the nozzle brick.


3. Equipment features: The main components of the nozzle drilling rig are: reaming bit, drill support, drill pipe, propelling beam, sliding seat, guide-rail rock drill, compensation oil cylinder, tilting oil cylinder, propelling oil cylinder, luffing bracket, control valve group , Walking chassis, hydraulic station, tie rod. electrical system, etc.


     The main technical parameters:

Dimensions: (driving state) 3380*1150*1180mm

Machine weight: 450kg

Reaming drill bit diameter: ∅200mm

Rail luffing angle: 0~±5°

Drilling stroke: ≥615mm

Propulsion stroke: ≥12000mm

Working pressure: 0.5~0.7Mpa

Reaming machine: YGZ95B high torque independent rotary reaming drill

Shock energy: > 200N.m

Shock frequency: > 34HZ

Rated torque: ≥150N.m

Compressed air diameter: φ38mm

Small hydraulic station for drilling rig: (random)

Power 3KW 380V 50HZ

Pressure 12Mpa

Flow rate 14.5L/min

Track Gauge 1200mm

Wheelbase 560mm

4. Achievements: Meigang,


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