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Double blowing slag scraper

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Category:Hot metal pretreatment
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Double blowing slag scraper
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1. Setting place: molten iron

2. Equipment overview: The tank cleaning and slag cleaning machine is a non-standard metallurgical equipment with electromechanical and hydraulic integration specially developed for the BSSF device. into the funnel of the BSSF slag processing unit.

3. Main technical parameters:

Form: Floor-standing

Total weight: about 7.0 tons

Dimensions: (L×W×H) 9565 (arm length)×1800×2870mm

Hydraulic system: maximum pressure 16Mpa

Maximum flow 130L/min

Connection size of welding base of slag cleaning machine: (L×W) 1905×1386mm

Telescopic boom length: 7473mm

Slag removal force: 0~4500kg

Slag breaking force: 1600kg

Telescopic boom forward and backward speed: 0~0.5m/s

Telescopic stroke: 4000mm

The up and down swing angle of the telescopic arm: +15°-40°

Horizontal rotation angle of telescopic arm: ±100°

Swing speed of telescopic arm up and down: 7°/S

Target slag discharge capacity: 2.5t/min

Operation control: DC24V

4. Achievements: Baosteel Luojing Steel Plant, Meishan Steel, Bayi Steel Plant,

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