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Automatic Slag Feeding System

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Category:Hot metal pretreatment
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Automatic Slag Feeding System
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1. Setting place: molten iron

2. Equipment overview: The automatic feeding device of the slag agent adopts the method of gas delivery in a pressure tank. After the molten iron desulfurization is completed, the molten iron tank tipping truck moves to the slag removal position, and the molten iron tank is tipped to a certain angle to start a slag removal process. When the desulfurization slag on the surface of the molten iron is roughly cleaned, the scraper rod of the slag scraper is retracted to the waiting position. The slag-aggregating agent spray gun is lowered to about 500mm from the molten iron surface, and the slag-aggregating agent is sprayed onto the molten iron surface with uniform gas delivery by means of nitrogen gas through the injection tank, pipeline and spray gun. After the spraying is completed, the spray gun will automatically return to the stop position, and the slag scraper will carry out the second slag scraping.

3. Equipment features: The main components of the automatic slag aggregate agent feeding device are: receiving hopper assembly, storage bin assembly, spraying tank assembly, spray gun device, feeding conversion valve group, feeding pipeline, auxiliary blowing valve station, gas pipe Roads, dust collector components, electrical systems and connecting hard pipes, etc.

Use PLC to detect the gas pressure in the pressure tank, compensate the influence of the gas weight of the material in the pressure tank on the weighing system under different pressures, and improve the accuracy of the discharge weight control when the pressure changes during the discharge process.

Connect all the actuators of storage tank feeding, storage tank discharging, pressure tank feeding, and pressure tank discharging into the PLC system, and program the feeding and discharging process to realize process automation.

The conveying of powder materials uses gas conveying, the pressure of each conveying gas, and the gas control valve are connected to the PLC system to realize the full automation of the conveying process. Reasonably control the opening of each valve, detect the conveying pressure of each channel, automatically control the conveying process, make the conveying process smooth, reduce the blockage, and cooperate with the cleaning procedure to empty all materials in the conveying pipeline, so that all materials are put into the molten iron ladle, reducing waste.

Combined with the encoder set by the automatic spray gun, the PLC program automatically controls the spraying position of the spray gun. The position of the automatic spray gun is reasonably controlled according to the state of the conveying system.

4. Achievement: Meigang

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