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KR desulfurization slag scraper

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Category:Hot metal pretreatment
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KR desulfurization slag scraper
Product description

1. Setting place: molten iron

2. Equipment overview: KR desulfurization slag scraper is an electromechanical-hydraulic integrated equipment, including its hydraulic system and automatic control system, which is powered by a centralized hydraulic station. The slag scraping arm has the functions of front and rear telescopic, up and down swing and rotation. It is driven by the hydraulic system. The hydraulic pump station is installed in the newly built hydraulic station. The platform is also installed in the newly built hydraulic station building.

3. Main technical parameters:

Slag scraper form: scraper rod telescopic

Rotation speed of slag scraping arm: 0.4r/min

Slag removal rotation angle: +10°~-45°

Up and down swing angle of slag scraping arm: ±7°

Slag scraping arm telescopic stroke: ~5500mm

Scaling arm telescopic speed: ~600mm/s

Horizontal slag removal force: ~15KN

Vertical slag breaking force: ~20KN

4. Achievement: Minmetals Yinggang

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